Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Whether we are working individually or as a team, we find enormous gratification in our work at Scienza. We love what we do and our work in an international team is filled with enjoyment, humour, and energy. We all learn from one another.

For our clients, we are essential and also critical allies. We see you as the person you are. And together, we find ways for you to follow your own path. We accompany you as you find your own space within academia. A free space which focuses and inspires you.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for us. We work with you to shape your individual change process. This also applies to teams and institutions. In our work, it is important to us to change the ‘academic system’ as a whole. We are committed to diverse perspectives. In our coaching, workshops and mediation sessions, we are drawn to the great potential that lies in change and new beginnings.

What distinguishes and unites us:

  • Working in German and in English
  • Coaches and trainers with a wide range of specialisations
  • Extensive knowledge of the contexts and driving forces of the academic sector
  • Systemic view: of the individual and their interdependencies with the systems which surround them
  • A respectful view of all clients
  • Closely related to everyday practice
  • Great flexibility
  • Decades of experience
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