In cases of conflict: mediation and conflict coaching

Conflicts are often perceived as unpleasant but are simply a sign that something is not running smoothly (anymore). Constructive conflict management always offers an opportunity for further development as a person, a team, or an organization.

Conflict coaching

  • Individual sessions in a safe environment
  • Analysis of patterns in one’s own conflict behaviour and when interacting with other ‘conflict types’
  • Analysis of a concrete conflict situation
  • Finding effective ways to manage the conflict


  • Structured, constructive support in a workplace conflict
  • Identifies, analyses and discusses the conflict
  • Views the conflict from a factual as well as an interpersonal level
  • Opens up space for solutions by including the interests of all parties
  • Enables new types of encounters
  • Defines a new way of dealing with the conflict

Please contact us if you are interested in mediation but do not yet know how the other conflict parties see it. We are happy to advise you.

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