As coaches, we do not impart knowledge, but ask questions that lead you to your own insights. We support you in developing your skills and professionalism and reaching the decision that is right for you.

Are you familiar with the following situations?

  • Lack of orientation: Do you feel lost in the ‘academic system’? Is there a playbook to follow? What is your role? Who knows the answers?
  • Chronic time pressure: Do you struggle to find adequate time for your research while also maintaining professional and personal relationships?
  • Task/work overload: High expectations, pressure, insecurity, and task overload characterise your working day. It feels like the ground is always shifting and you can’t stay on top of all your tasks.
  • The frustration with the ‘academic system’: You see little leeway and few opportunities for development within the research sector. Precarious temporary contracts make you feel powerless.
  • High demands on self-management: Many of the skills required in academia, such as setting priorities, setting boundaries and time management, are barely taught in advance.
  • Lost in leadership: You already lead a team and seek inspiration and support regarding conflict management, decision-making, staff development.

Our coaching will support you in…

  1. … focusing on the tasks that really matter to you.
  2. … consciously and systematically protecting yourself from work overload.
  3. … creating a supportive environment.
  4. … freeing up energy.
  5. … rediscovering your enthusiasm for your research/work.

Which type of coaching suits you best?

  • 1:1 coaching
    Your own space for personal development opportunities in research
  • Executive coaching
    Development of your leadership qualities within the research sphere
  • Intensive coaching
    Compact coaching for urgent issues (2 x 3-hour sessions)
  • Team coaching
    Optimisation of working processes, conflict prevention and resolution

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