Dr. Neela Enke

Function: Coach, mediator & trainer, management

Qualification: Biologist

Areas of expertise: career development, fundraising, leadership & communication, conflict management, diversity, and anti-discrimination
Languages: German, English

Increasingly complex working structures are hampering more and more people in pursuing their real passion. Questions abound, such as: How do I fit into the system? How can I follow a career in research and stay true to myself?

Personally, coaching enabled me to concentrate on the challenges and tasks I enjoy, and which matter most to me. It gave me the time and freedom to pursue what I truly love.

I would now like to empower my clients to do the same, while enhancing their professionalism. I offer support to rediscover their passion for their subject too.

One crucial goal for me as co-founder is that Scienza adds a diversity of perspectives and promotes equal opportunities within the ‘academic system’.


  • Coach, mediator, PhD in biology
  • Studied biology and several semesters of economics in Marburg an der Lahn
  • Diploma in biology
  • PhD in biology at Freie Universität, Berlin
  • 10 years conducting various research projects, teaching, co-ordinating projects and fostering junior staff
  • Work and research in various universities and research institutes in Germany, France, Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic.
  • Attendance of training courses for coaching, mediation, intercultural competence, diversity management, systemic organisational development
  • Freelance consultant for staff at universities and research institutes since 2011
  • Member of the Coaching Network for Science (Board Member 2017-2024), active involvement in the professional association Gender Diversity and the Federal Association for Mediation as well as in the ProFiL-Netzwerkverein (Professionalisation of women in research and teaching)

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